Inspired early learning

Oac Education

At Oac we have developed our own unique educational curriculum - Oac Grow, that forms the basis for essential early education and development. This curriculum has been developed so that every child has the opportunity to embark on a  wonderful early learning journey and achieve his or her potential through the nursery years, toddler years and preschool.

Oac Grow is an innovative play-based curriculum that differs to other early education programs by delivering intentional teaching in dynamic small group learning environments where children's successes, skills and challenges are monitored on an ongoing basis.

Oac Grow calls on international best practice and is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework. Educators use Oac Grow to support each child by identifying their unique strengths, emerging skills and challenges at each stage in their early childhood journey. Using evidence-based learning outcomes and in partnership with families (who are of course, a child’s first teacher), Oac’s passionate team of Educators delivers the most effective early childhood education program to all children

In short, your child will thrive with our Oac Grow curriculum.

Curriculum principles include:
• Language, literacy and communication
• Physical development, health and wellbeing
• Numeracy and problem solving
• Creative Arts
• Science and technology
• Social competency
• Sustainability and caring for our planet

These principles are delivered through a combination of structured and spontaneous play-based learning opportunities that consider each child’s strengths, interests and next steps.

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