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NSW Program of Events

Series Launch: What does holistic care mean for early childhood?
Saturday 10th February

Join our panel, Simone Chartres (clinical psychologist), Zoe Bingley-Pullin (nutritionist), Dr Deborah Levy (paediatrician) and Jenny Kable (early childhood educator and blogger) to discuss ‘what does holistic care mean for early childhood?’ Each panelist has experience and knowledge in their field working with children and discuss why they believe holistic care is a key area for setting up children for future success.

Loose part theory through children’s play – Jenny Kable
Tuesday 20th February

Jenny Kable is a Children’s Services Advisor with Oac and also runs the very popular blog - Let the Children Play , which has more than 20,000 subscribers and a Facebook following of over 190,000. As an early childhood educator with over 25 years’ experience teaching young children, Jenny discusses children’s play choices and how to support their learning by creating dynamic and flexible learning environments with a rich array of loose parts at their disposal.

Improving our story telling – Nicola Parry
Thursday 8th March

Nicola Parry, is an Australian actress who is best known for her roles in the hit comedies ‘Thank God You’re Here’, ‘The Hollowmen’ and ‘Swift and Shift Couriers’. Nicola created our Oac Drama program and has curated this workshop focusing on the many skills we can use to make story time with our children fun and engaging. It also looks at the ways we can engage dramatic play at home.

Transitioning to solid food with your baby – The Biting Truth Alex Parker and Anna Debenham
Tuesday 13th March

Alex Parker  and Anna Debenham are both qualified nutritionists and dietitians. Anna and Alex created our seasonal Oac menu enjoyed by all our children. Their workshop will cover how to successfully navigate introducing solids to nursery children, important nutrients to look out for and allergy advice.

Bridging the literacy gap between preschool and kindergarten – Adelaide Pendlebury
Tuesday 20th March

Adelaide Pendlebury is our Head of Health at Oac and a certified speech pathologist. She has extensive work experience with children (0-6). Adelaide discusses the ‘Hanen’ approach to early literacy and how as parents we can best prepare and equip our children with the literacy skills they need for school.

Allergies 101 – Dr Rohit Saldanha
Wednesday 21st of March

Dr Rohit Saldanha is a clinical researcher and paediatrician specialising in paediatric Immunology and Allergy. Rohit’s experience revolves around managing acute and chronic immunology and allergy in children at Sydney Children’s Hospital. With allergies on the rise over the past decade, it’s important to separate truth from fiction. In this workshop, Rohit explains the root of the problem around allergies and how they affect our young children. As well as how we can identify and manage these allergies effectively.

How to build a healthy parent-child relationship – Dr Fiona Martin
Thursday 5th April

Dr Fiona Martin is a leading child psychologist based in Sydney. She regularly appears in the media and is known for her practical approach to parenting. In this workshop, Fiona aims to teach parents ways of empathetically responding to children to help them develop and manage their own behavior and emotional needs.

Digitalised childhoods – Dr Kristy Goodwin
Thursday 12th of April
Children’s digital wellness expert (and mum!) Dr Kristy Goodwin helps parents find the best ways to use technology to support, not stifle kids’ health, learning and development. She arms parents with facts, not fears, about what today’s kids (0-5 years) really need to thrive online and offline in a digital world (without suggesting that we ban the iPad, or unplug the TV).
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