Inspired early learning

Oac Sustain Program

Our goal for the Oac Sustain program is to develop and embed sustainable values, practices and positive connections with the natural world in the day to day lives of our children, educators and families across our campus.

As part of the curriculum we have created quarterly modules designed to introduce and deepen understanding around one of the big ideas of sustainability in early childhood, and to change campus practice over time.

Each quarter we will be breaking down the concept of sustainability into big ideas, like 'water' so we can create meaningful learning opportunities for children to embed sustainable practices.

Educators act as a guide, creating opportunities for child directed discovery around sustainability, as well as facilitating learning experiences that build on the conversations, play, and the knowledge and experience that children bring to the campus.

Key Principles:

  • Sustainability is about educators, children and families participating in collaborative change over time.
  • Sustainable learning and practice are a part of day to day experience at the campus.
  • Children are capable learners and active citizens who have a voice in decision making.
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